Hello my lovelies,

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas break, and celebrated the new year in style, whether it be by going out-out, celebrating in your pjs or even if you were asleep by 10pm!

Personally, I love a new year. As much as I love putting up the Christmas tree and decorations, when it comes to the new year, I love putting all the decorations away and cleaning the house, making it look clear and ready for new adventures.  I’m very much the kind of girl who, if I see a clear space, my mind finds it easier to go clear too.

It’s a time to plan for the year ahead, decide what aspects we’d like to change in our lives, whether it be a little more of this, or a little less of that. Drink more water, use less plastic, find happiness in daily, small things…

It is also a great time to look back on the past year, and hi-five yourself for all the amazing things you’ve accomplished because I am pretty sure that there are far more than you might initially think!

2017 was an incredible year for Emerald & Jade Flowers. There have been some lows, things going wrong, which really upset me but from which I have learnt and moved forward with. A lot of decision making. Some great, some not so good. Many ideas, some which turned out amazing and some which fizzled out before they even went anywhere. And although I did finish the year working in a well-known supermarket chain at the tills, which really dampened my spirits at first in light of my big love for supporting small independent businesses… I decided that this was simply a means to an end, which made sense in light of placing my business on hold pending our move to France  & my husband being made redundant. And also the weeks in the lead up to Christmas were busy with workshops and orders, ending the year full of gratitude and love ♥

2017 was incredibly busy with weddings, where I completed three times the amount of weddings I did the previous year. From small weddings, to all out with flowers everywhere, I had amazing brides and grooms who came to me for my love of bright, unusual combinations, as well as a few pastel, fresh looking arrangements. Seeing the photos for each wedding is always incredible and I always feel really honoured and grateful to be part of people’s wedding days!

There were also funeral flowres, which are close to my heart as I believe in funeral flowers representing the life of your loved one (did you read my article on this here?)

2017 is also the year I got a workspace, allowing me to take on more work and bigger projects. Being based at the amazing Heartfelt Vintage, I also had the most wonderful work family which I remain grateful for to this day!

Emerald & Jade Flowers was also featured on a few blogs and magazines, which always makes my heart sing.

We started selling products in our online shop.

We collaborated with Heartfelt Vintage on an amazing circus shoot as well as the Fake Wedding Fair.

We held the first of our many workshops and disovered a love for these, which we are keen to pursue in France!

We were once again voted Regional Finalist for the Wedding Industry Awards!

And perhaps most of all, all of the above have undoubtedly led to the next exciting step in my life: moving to France! We are likely to move in the next four to six weeks, and as much as I don’t know what this next step will have in store for Emerald & Jade Flowers, I know it wouldn’t be happening if I hadn’t become a florist back in 2015!

So here’s to us, to you, and to 2018! Make sure you take that step towards something new. No matter how small it seems now, you never know where it might lead you to several years down the line!

Much love,


Emerald & Jade Flowers, Bristol Wedding Florist





Some of my favourites:







Emerald & Jade FlowersEmerald & Jade Flowers Emerald & Jade Flowers Emerald & Jade Flowers Emerald & Jade Flowers Emerald & Jade Flowers Emerald & Jade Flowers Emerald & Jade Flowers

Emerald & Jade Flowers Emerald & Jade Flowers

Emerald & Jade Flowers // Bristol Wedding Florist // http://www.naomijanephotography.com/

Emerald & Jade Flowers // Bristol Wedding Florist // http://www.naomijanephotography.com/

Emerald & Jade Flowers // www.emeraldandjadeflowers.com // Photos by www.joabsmithphotography.co.uk


So let’s go make 2018 great!

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