There has been so much going on in my life recently, and although the word has spread on social media, I haven’t actually said anything on here about a certain new adventure I’ve started…

Emerald & Jade Flowers // Bristol Wedding Florist // Top Tips for getting married on a hot day

So the big news, is that my family and I will be moving to France in the new year! My husband and I have talked about it for so long, without ever making the actual decision.

I was lucky to spend a month at my parents in the Summer, and this really got me thinking that actually, we really could do it, and our children being 4 and 6, now would be a perfect time.

The decision to actually go forward, and therefore moving the idea from the “one day…” pile to our active “let’s make this happen” pile, was very much overnight, and from there everything has gone really quickly!

Following our decision, I spoke to estate agents the following day,  and within a couple of weeks, we accepted an offer on our house for the asking price! As much as we thought our house would sell without difficulty, it was still a surprise as to how quick it actually happened!

So we are in the middle of conveyancing paperwork, surveys…. oh and actually trying to figure out how and when to move to France (in fact I’ve just come off the phone from a Removals company!). At the moment, we are looking at the area of Charente, and the plan is to go once we’ve sold our house and explore the area whilst house hunting. It most definitely feels like an adventure!

Emerald & Jade Flowers // Bristol Wedding Florist // Top Tips for getting married on a hot day

So what does it mean for Emerald & Jade Flowers….?

To be 100% honest, I’m not really sure at the moment. I absolutely love Emerald & Jade Flowers, and working on it for the last three years has been such an incredible journey. I love going to the market, working with flowers, creating beautiful things that make people smile and brings happiness through the best and the worst times.

But more than that, this journey has also been a very emotional, personal one. It has shown me that it is possible to break away from the corporate world (or at the very least from a job which made me unhappy & unhealthy), and to live a happy, beautiful life in different ways. It has allowed me to find new opportunities, new doors to open. I have learnt so much about myself over the last few years, and whilst it is definitely an ongoing journey, I am in a much happier, calmer place than I was four years ago. So I know I am on the right path.

My branding, my work, very much reflects me as a person, and I love how this new lifestyle, incorporating work and personal aspects has come about. So I’m definitely hoping to keep hold on to it in one way or another, as well as explore it further.

At this moment in time, I am not overly sure how to pursue this when in France, but I am keen to explore all the doors open to me.

My husband has recently been made redundant, but we are seeing this as good timing as it allows him to focus on setting up his own business as a garden designer (follow him on Facebook 😉 ).

It also makes sense for me to go and find work when we first move to France, being fluent in French and having worked there before. I have a range of skills so I’m hopeful I will find something that suits. I hope to find something that will allow me to continue learning and exploring the creative world, but it may well have to be anything that’s available to start with, so we’ll see.

What I do know…

I do know that this feels absolutely right for my family and I at this moment in time, and the opportunities in terms of land, houses etc in France are perfect for what we’re after (and with our current budget).

Ideally, we dream of a house with a big garden for Barry to plan out his designs on, grow veg and cut flowers, as well as have pets and chickens. The house would ideally be big enough to welcome friends and family all summer long, with a separate workspace where I could organise lots of workshops similar to what the lovely Vanessa does with The Simpson Sisters. And perhaps a small gite too, because you know, we do like keeping busy! 😀 So, so many ideas!

As well as nervous, I am very excited, and can’t wait to see what we can create once there. I have started a new blog, documenting the steps of our move, and it will also include posts on Living a Beautiful Life generally, as this has become a key element to my lifestyle. I have lots of ideas on how to build on this too so come and say hello over there!

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Wreathes Workshops

In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up to our workshops in December. (quite possibly our last Bristol workshops!) You can find the details on our Facebook page and on Eventbrite.

There are two workshops to choose from, where I will be showing you different types of wreathes, so pick your favourite! At each workshop, there will also be a few stalls from local makers displaying their work should you wish to do a little Christmas shopping whilst you’re at it.

So there we are… a new adventure on the road! I’m so grateful to you all for your love and support for Emerald & Jade Flowers, and can’t wait to share the next step of the adventure with you!


A bientot!


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Emerald & Jade Flowers // Bristol Wedding Florist // Top Tips for getting married on a hot day

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