Emerald & Jade Flowers // Bristol Wedding Florist // Top Tips for getting married on a hot day

If you’re getting married on a hot day like we’re having today, you’re going to want to read my top tips on how to cope with the heat!

We all wish for a sunny day when we get married, hoping our guests will be able to enjoy the venue’s grounds, and that photos can be taken outside after the ceremony and throughout the day. The weather was one of the main deciding factors when my husband and I were deciding on which country to get married in. As I’m from France, and my parents still live there, we knew that we had a better chance of having good weather if we got married there (amongst other reasons I must say). Good weather, we did get, a whole 36 degrees of beautiful hot sunshine! Needless to say, it was a pretty hot day, but knowing the vast majority of our guests were little English roses, we had planned a few things to help everyone cope with the heat…


We weren’t going to do favours for our wedding, but I did get some fans for our guests, just in case they were a little hot on the day. I got some sandalwood fans like these ones, and when you look at our wedding video, I love how everyone has one on full swing at the beginning!

So fans are definitely one of my top tips!

Emerald & Jade Flowers // Bristol Wedding Florist // Top Tips for getting married on a hot day


Ensure that there is plenty of water available to you and your guests. And then, of course, make sure you drink lots of it! We provided all the drinks to our wedding, and had bought a lot (!!) of water bottles, and these were by far the most popular drink of the day.

If your venue is providing the drinks, they should be able to provide plenty of jugs of water for everyone. Adding mint, lemon or berries are great ways to add flavour whilst keeping it really refreshing still.


We made a point of warning guests that it would likely be very warm, so they should wear what they were comfortable in. We did not have a specific dress code for them to follow.

This can still be tricky, especially for men. The women at our wedding were mostly wearing summer dresses, and the kids had shorts and dresses. But the men were all in suits or at the very least trousers and long sleeved shirts (!).

Barry had a 100% cotton, light coloured suit, from Next‘s summer collection. His shirt (and apparently even his socks and pants) were also 100% cotton. He also had a second shirt at the ready should he want to change it throughout the day.

Emerald & Jade Flowers // Bristol Wedding Florist // Top Tips for getting married on a hot day

In hindsight, I probably should have opted for a much lighter dress… one of my bridesmaids offered in all seriousness to “fan us up our skirts” should we get too hot. We laughed it off at first but did follow through her request in the end!


As a follow on from the above, make sure you plan shoes. I wore my heels for the ceremony but as soon as we got to the wedding venue for the Reception, my trusty Havaianas came on!

Why not extend this to your guests, by offering them a pair to change into to allow them to carry on dancing whilst giving their feet some respite.


Good makeup should be able to withstand the heat. I am lucky to have a very talented friend, who did my makeup exactly as I wanted it, and it still looked great at the end of the day. Gettting personal recommendations from people you know is always a great way to start, or ask some of your wedding suppliers. It’s a small world in the industry, and suppliers are always happy to recommend other suppliers they know and trust.

Emerald & Jade Flowers // Bristol Wedding Florist // Top Tips for getting married on a hot day


This may not be possible, depending where you are in your wedding planning and where you getting married, but choosing what time you get married can make a big difference, as it will be cooler in the evenings.

If getting married abroad, in all likelihood, the wedding ceremony will take place later than we are used to in the UK. The French tend to get married in the late afternoon, followed by dinner around 8, and then literally dance the night away until the early hours of the morning. We moved everything forward to make it more in line with the UK hours, as we had a lot of families and children at our wedding. But it did mean that I had everyone walking to the Mairie in the great heat of the day…. (sorry guys!).

Emerald & Jade Flowers // Bristol Wedding Florist // Top Tips for getting married on a hot day

Be Flexible

Don’t feel you have to follow a strict timeline. Go with the flow, and see how the day takes you. For example, on our wedding, we told parents that we were happy for kids to run around and do their thing. This encouraged the adults to be more relaxed, and in between courses in the meal people wondered in and out for fresh air.

My bridesmaids also had beautiful, heavy petticoats as part of their outfits. But after the ceremony and the official photos, they were simply to warm for them to wear so ended up in a big heap in the bathroom!

Emerald & Jade Flowers // Bristol Wedding Florist // Top Tips for getting married on a hot day

Your Flowers

Remember that, as much as your florist has carefully conditioned and prepared the flowers, if it is a hot day, some flowers will cope better than others. Buttonholes in particular are likely to feel the strain as once prepared, they are therefore out of water, and when they’ve been crushed all day in hugs too…. well it might be a long day for them!

Some flowers will fare better than others. I had mostly eucalyptus and wax flower for my own wedding, which lasted beautifully and made the house smell incredible afterwards!

Emerald & Jade Flowers // Bristol Wedding Florist // Top Tips for getting married on a hot day

For your bouquet, and those of your bridesmaids, either bring some vases to the venue, or else ask your florist if you can hire some from them. I hire out vases for a nominal fee, and suggest using them as an additional arrangement either on the tables, or lined up on a mantelpiece for example. This gives your flowers a chance to have a good drink (remember to add water to the vases, just a little, for it to sit below the ribbon on your bouquet).

Your florist will of course do the most they can to make sure the flowers last as long as possible for you, but the above definitely helps.

So there you go, my top tips for getting married in the hot weather. Which one is your favourite? If you have any additional tips, let us know in the comments below! And if you know anyone getting married either abroad or in Summer, why not share this post with them!



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